Canon 1D Mark III AF… from Canon's Point of View

We’ve heard Rob Galbraith’s side of the story, now read Canon’s point of view on the issues surrounding the EOS Canon 1D Mark III autofocus performance.

I held out upgrading to the new cameras this time around. After lugging the 1D-body everywhere for the past 7 years, I’m ready to downsize. I really like the D700, with its full-frame sensor and rugged, yet portable body, but I’m not switching over to Nikon anytime soon. I’m hoping that the mythical 5D Mark II, rumored to come out in less than two days, will be everything that I want in a camera. Compact (by 1D standards), full-frame, weatherproof, and affordable.

2 thoughts on “Canon 1D Mark III AF… from Canon's Point of View

  1. I’d switch to Nikon in a heartbeat if they had the fast prime lenses: 24 1.4, 85 1.2, 50 1.2. But they don’t. And I really like the look I get from those Canon lenses.

  2. I’m not switching now that the 5D Mark II was announced!

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