Jared Polis – Freshman Congressman


Jared Polis is featured on CNN today in an article on Freshman Congressman. When I was photographing the final week of his Congressional campaign, I asked him about the possibility of documenting his first 100 days of his Frosh year. The biggest stumbling block I saw was getting access to the real meat and potatoes of life on the Hill. For a single photographer, that would have posed a big problem, but if you’re CNN, I guess you can get the access you need!

Documenting Jared’s journey to the Capitol was an extremely rewarding experience. The trip came together very quickly at our friend Dave’s wedding a few weeks before the election. Sitting at our table, I asked the best man, “So, who’s documenting your election?” Jared responded that they’ve been so busy, they haven’t had anyone really doing it. I jumped at the opportunity to say that Rae and I should come up to Colorado to help out. Soon enough, I found myself in Colorado for a whirlwind week!

Here are the posts and galleries from the final week of the election. Enjoy!

You can view all of the photos from the election here on my SmugMug page:

Jared Polis for Congress

3 thoughts on “Jared Polis – Freshman Congressman

  1. If Jared Polis is supposed to represent his constituent base why did he for YES for the stimulus package. On the CNN video documenting “A day in the life of a freshman Congresssman” it clearly states Polis’ office fielded 126 calls AGAINST and 44 calls FOR the package. That a 3:1 margin against the stimulus package. Did his staff not provide him the tally before casting his vote on the floor? Polis is just another stellar example of a what happens in Washington, DC. I am sure he campaigned on the fact that he will listen to, and actually hear what his base is saying, and that he will represent their interests in Washington, DC. Yet, he turns and votes against the wants of those that put him in office. In his short tenure on the Hill he’s proving to be a true Representative of those that put him in office; yeah right!! My advice, listen to your base or you’ll have a short career on the Hill.

  2. Steve Cramer

    While I realize it matters little to the anointed – your first vote for a bill you hadn’t read signifies you are more interested in politics than your country. Any support you may have recieved from me our your my neighbors is no longe there. Isn’t it amazing what you can do when you have a safe district and don’t have to be concerned with re-election. I for one would vote to oust everymember that votes for a bill they havent’ read – regardless of the issue. Having a safe district is one thing – instultoing a large number of constituants is another. Money may have bought you a seat but it will not buy you anyones respect – that takes courage and honor.

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