Wireless Photography and Sensor Cleaning Recap

Richard takes a photo during the March 2009 COBA meeting

We had a great meeting at the March 2009 COBA meeting, held at new location at SmugMug headquarters. I gave a presentation on my mobile photography workflow, demonstrating how I use a Cradlepoint CTR-350, EVDO modem, and a Eye-Fi wireless card to immediately send my photos to my laptop and computer.

Using this setup is a great way to document an event like COBA. In the past, if I did not transfer, annotate, and upload the photos the night of the meeting, chances are, they would never get uploaded to SmugMug. Now, all I have to do after the meeting is right a quick post and caption the photos!

Following my presentation, J.C. Dill and Landon gave a good talk on their sensor cleaning saga. They’ve used many products, but have now settled on using products from Dust-Aid. I had an opportunity to clean my 1Ds Mark II sensor; there were several spots that were removed after using Dust-Aid. A few ones lingered, but they are on the edges and I don’t mind them as much.

[smugmug url=”http://photos.tow.com/hack/feed.mg?Type=gallery&Data=7574666_atihp&format=rss200″ imagecount=”10″ start=”1″ num=”8″ thumbsize=”Th” link=”lightbox” captions=”true” sort=”true” window=”false” smugmug=”false” size=”L”]

[smugmug url=”http://photos.tow.com/hack/feed.mg?Type=gallery&Data=7574666_atihp&format=rss200″ imagecount=”100″ start=”9″ num=”100″ thumbsize=”Th” link=”lightbox” captions=”true” sort=”true” window=”false” smugmug=”false” size=”L”]

2 thoughts on “Wireless Photography and Sensor Cleaning Recap

  1. Larry Lew

    Hi Adam,

    The Eye-Fi was very cool to see. Have you had an issues using the card?- reading on eye-fi forums seems some people cannot get it to work and also have lost photos from it.

    Just want to see from your experience.


  2. Two RAW photos from my iPhone 3.0 event coverage were corrupted; the small JPEGs were fine, so I’m thinking the Canon 5D Mark II was to plame, not the Eye-Fi card. I’ve seen corrupted images before from the 5D Mark II. I wrote more about this on my blog post here: http://www.tow.com/2009/03/17/photos-from-iphone-30-event/

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