Star Trek: The Exhibition at the San Jose Tech Museum

Star Trek: The Exhibition

Yesterday evening, Felix, Rae and I went to the San Jose Tech Museum to see the Star Trek: The Exhibition exhibit. We went as part of a private event, which meant the usual prohibition against photography and videography was lifted. I hope that also means that I can post these photos up on my web site too!

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge Star Trek fan (Star Wars too, I’m an equal opportunity sci-fi fan). I’ve been to other Star Trek exhibits in the past, but this one was clearly the best. For instance, they had recreated several sets from TOS and TNG, including the bridge of the original Enterprise! It’s too bad that I didn’t have any Star Trek uniforms in my closet, or else we really could have <a href="had a blast role-playing throughout the exhibit. Another set that was recreated was the Guardian of Forever from the classic TOS episode: City on the Edge of Forever. I just had to jump through the Guardian just as Kirk, Spock and McCoy did in the episode! A TNG-era hallway and transporter room rounded out the rest of the large-scale set recreations. Having gone through the process of building a set in our garage for Autumn Gem, I could appreciate the work that went into building these pieces for the exhibit.

We spent nearly two hours at the event and had a blast. If you’re a hardcore Star Trek fan, I highly recommend going, even if they don’t allow you to take photos or video in the exhibit halls. Star Trek: The Exhibition runs at the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation until January 3, 2010.

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4 thoughts on “Star Trek: The Exhibition at the San Jose Tech Museum

  1. What I want to know is what you saw at Spock’s station through that thingy — a blue light? Or what? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Thanks for sharing! Looks like awesome fun!

  2. I believe there was a picture of a planet when you looked through the viewfinder. No blue light, unfortunately!

  3. I wanna go! But not if I can’t take pictures.

    Looks like it was a good time.

  4. ben tang

    first time i’ve seen anyone do the vulcan sign that many times in one gallery. i’m sure you guys had plenty of practice! thanks for posting. wishing you guys well.

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