New Year's Lunch

A few days late in getting these photos up. I hope 2010 will bring a few more entries to this blog than 2009! On New Year’s Day, Susan, Bryan, Kai, Petrice, Eric, Flora and their two kids met up in Milpitas for lunch. We originally wanted to go to Maru-Ichi Ramen, but they were closed for the holidays. So, we walked across the 99 Ranch Market and ate instead at this Taiwanese Noodle House. With kids, people having moved to another state, and work, it’s getting harder for everyone to meet up regularly. So, I’ve come to cherish these times when we’re able to get together to recap the past year and look ahead to the future!

Photos were taken with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens attached to my 5D. I like the manual focus action on the Nikkor, but I do find the focus to be a little off. Maybe it’s just my old eyes getting to me!

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