Don't Stop Believing This Love Story

Dan and Julian sing Love Story

Everyone who knows me knows that I often found with my camera by my side. Since picking up my first digital camera back in 1998, I’ve been taking photos nearly everywhere I go. Up until recently, I’ve primarily just took photos with my DSLRs, but thanks to the 5D Mark II, I’m now shooting more and more video.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve taken a combination of photos and video at the Edwardian Ball, the Apple iPad Special Event and at Stanford University. This weekend, we celebrated Dan’s birthday at Sushi Rika in San Francisco. Dan and Juliana will soon be leaving the Bay Area, so we wanted to have one last extravaganza before their departure. I figured Dan wanted to have a consolation dinner, as our beloved Chargers lost to the Jets (again) in the NFL playoffs two weeks ago.

I once thought I had a storage problem with the RAW files from the 5D Mark II, but it’s nothing compared to storing video. Full 1920×1080 HD files at nearly 50mbps! I had to start deleting video clips from the camera near the end of the night since I ran out of room on my 8GB memory card! My photo (1.5TB) and video (1TB) hard drives are getting full, so the time will be soon to upgrade to 2TB drives.

Sunday afternoon, Rae and I edited this three and a half minutes video of highlights from Saturday’s celebration. Click this link to see the full 720p HD version. Hope you enjoy it!

If you didn’t figure out from the title of this post, the music in this video is from Taylor Swift and Journey.

5 thoughts on “Don't Stop Believing This Love Story

  1. I switched to 32GB cards as soon as I started shooting video. 8GB is just too frustrating. :)

  2. DaHamster

    Adam, Why didn’t you post the full 1080p HD version? Does it have to do with the file size? I am just curious. You are one talented person. I love the way you composed the video. I bet your video will look great on the iPad. Happy Chinese New Year to you and Rae. Warmest wishes,

  3. Didn’t want to deal with the huge file size on my computer. 720p for something like this is fine.

  4. TRULY a beautiful video; love the light in there! :D
    You’re far steadier, shooting video than I seem to be lol… will have to work on it.

    Had a question for you; I’ve been trying to get your WP plugin to accept more than
    100 photos via the RSS feed and somehow I can’t get it to work! The Smugmug heroes said
    they didn’t have a clue and I should ask you, lol.

    Any ideas?

  5. Eric – I sent you an email regarding your problems with WP-SmugMug.

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