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Illustration of the Day – Iron Man

Today’s illustration features Iron Man protecting a child from an unseen threat. Two cars, one overturned, are damaged in the street behind Iron Man. 

Drawn with an Apple Pencil and an iPad Pro using Savage Interactive’s Procreate. I found a nice tip in Procreate’s settings where you can configure different tools to use with your fingers and the Apple Pencil.


For those who lament the fact that the Pencil doesn’t feature an eraser, you can configure your finger to be the eraser in Procreate. Since the palm rejection is very good, there will be few times when you will erase things accidentally. Personally, I am fine tapping the erase tool manually so I have set my finger to do gestures only. This way, only the Apple Pencil will draw within Procreate. 

Here is the video showing each step of the drawing’s creation:


2 thoughts on “Illustration of the Day – Iron Man

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