How Are You Feeling – A Shortcut Integrating Cronios, IFTTT, and Google Sheets

Feeling (Cronios + IFTTT) is shortcut that asks you hourly how you are feeling. Working with Cronios, the shortcuts scheduler for iOS, Feeling (Cronios + IFTTT) records your dictated text to a Google Sheet via the IFTTT Maker Webhook.

This post shows you how you can integrate four services:

  1. Google Sheets
  1. IFTTT
  1. Shortcuts
  1. Cronios

to create complex, automated actions. For a simpler version of this shortcut that just writes to a tab-delimited text file, look at Feeling (Cronios + Text).

Let’s set up each of the four services:

Google Sheets Set Up

This shortcut requires a free Google account.

  1. Go to Google Sheets.
  2. Create a new sheet.
    Give it the name `Feeling Log`. Record the Google Sheet ID (it’s the long string at the end of the URL).

IFTTT Configuration

This shortcut requires a free IFTTT account.

  1. Create a New Applet.
  1. Tap `+ this`.
  2. Choose `Webhooks`.
  3. Tap `Receive a web request`.
  4. Enter `Feeling` in the Event Name field.
  5. Tap `Create trigger`.
  6. Tap `+ that`.
  7. Choose `Google Sheets`.
  8. Tap `Add row to spreadsheet`.
  9. Enter `Feeling Log` in the Spreadsheet name field.
  10. Enter `{{OccurredAt}} ||| {{EventName}} ||| {{Value1}} ||| {{Value2}}` in the Formatted row field.
  11. Tap Create action.
  12. Tap Finish.


  1. Get Cronios, if you don’t already have it.
  1. Get the Feeling (Cronios + IFTTT) shortcut.
  2. Open Feeling (Cronios + IFTTT).
  3. Go through the configuration screens. These will appear the first time you run the shortcut.
  4. Enter your IFTTT Maker Webhook API key.
  5. Enter the IFTTT Maker Event Name `Feeling`.
  6. Enter the ID of your Google Sheet.
  7. Enter the language Siri should use.
  8. Enter the voice Siri should use.
  9. Enter the language you’ll be responding in.
  10. Enter the prompt to be spoken to you prior to dictation.

Cronios Set Up

Here’s how you get it set up:

  1. Get the Feeling (Cronios + IFTTT) shortcut.
  2. Create a new cron job in Cronios.
    Set a schedule for the cron job (i.e. * 8-22 1-31 1-12 *).
    Point the cron job to run the `Feeling (Cronios + IFTTT)` shortcut.
    Enable the cron job.
    Save your changes.
  1. Run Cronios.

What you’ve done is you have set up a new scheduled shortcut that runs every hour from 8 am to 8 pm every day. As long as Cronios is running, the Feeling (Cronios + IFTTT) shortcut will run each hour. Your response will be recorded to the Google Sheet Feeling Log using the IFTTT webhook applet.

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