Does Anyone Want To Win?

After watching today’s Stage 7 time trial, I’m wondering if anyone wants to win the Tour de France. Like the commentators said, this was a strange time trial. No clear favorite in the field meant we’d see some fireworks, right? Sorry, the Fourth of July was last week for the American. Julich crashed. Levi had … Continue reading Does Anyone Want To Win?

Tour de France Coverage

With the Tour de France underway, it’s time to list out the best sites on the Web covering the event. I’ve been reading: VeloNews Daily Peloton Pro Cycling News The Paceline Official Tour de France OLN Graham Watson Photography Caroline Yang Photography New sites that I’ve found include: VeloGal What else is there? I think … Continue reading Tour de France Coverage

Tour de France Doping Scandal

What was shaping up to be a great Tour de France has now turned into a nightmare. Riders are being ejected left and right from the race a day ahead of the Strasbourg start as part of the fallout from Operation Puerto. Ullrich, Basso, and Mancebo, three of the top five finishers last year have … Continue reading Tour de France Doping Scandal