Vienna in Mountain View

It’s been awhile since I last saw Vienna play. She’s gaining quite the following on the Internet and on the coffee shop circuit. There were many more people at the Red Rock Coffee Company than the last time that I saw her there!

The seeds of greatness typically begin in one’s childhood. In most cases, however, they seldom get enough water and nutrients for proper growth. As people grow older, these seeds wither away and die; as a result, people rarely realized their full potential during their lives. Vienna began her musical career during her youth and continued it throughout her university days. It’s wonderful to see her talents sprout and bloom!

The lighting was very good at the Red Rock this evening. All the images in this entry were taken at ISO800 or higher. With the new firmware update for the EOS-1D, banding is greatly reduced at higher ISO shooting. It’s still there, but it’s much less prominent than before. All this makes the 1D truly a terrific camera. Even ISO3200 is usable from the 1D, at least for web publication! Kudos to Canon for dealing with the problem head on, instead of ignoring the cries of photographers around the world.

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