Ultimate Retrospective

On February 4, 2001, I dislocated my right elbow while playing Ultimate Frisbee at the Los Palmas Park in Sunnyvale. It’s been one year, and I returned to the playing field, now at Columbia Park in Sunnyvale. The group has changed since I was last playing at the beginning of the 2001-2002 football season. Apparently, the original group has merged with another one.

Nothing against the old veterans of Los Palmas, but these new guys and girls are faster and more competitive! Fortunately, they are all nice — no egos here! Because there were so many people, we had two games running (7 on 7 and 4 on 4).

After having not played for a long time, I’ve become slow and sluggish. There were a few nice sliding catches that I made, but those were few and far between. I knew that I had lost a step when I couldn’t catch up to this one pass that Pascal threw to me (with Brian covering). Six months ago, I would have caught that pass in stride. Hopefully a few more weeks of Ultimate will get me back into fighting trim!

My elbow held up well, and there weren’t any scary situations like the one where I dislocated my elbow (when a group converged on the disc). Although it’s been a year, I don’t think that I’ve quite gotten used to the changes in my arm. It still creaks a bit when I fully extend it and gets tired easier, especially when I’m carrying something heavy (like a camera and a long lens). Fortunately, I have lost any degrees in extension or flexion.

I brought the 1D to Columbia Park to do some sports shooting. After all, it’s SuperBowl Sunday, so I had to get into the swing of things! I heard from Jim Rose at the COBA meeting last week that the 1D was used extensively during the NFL Playoffs, including the snowstorm game between the Patriots and the Raiders two weeks ago. What a game that was, even if it was a fumble! The weather was just a little bit more sunny and warm than in New England, but the 1D held up just as well.

THe 1D is ideally suited for sports photographers; its great focusing abilities and 8fps (frames per second) shooting rate make it sooo much better than the D30 (or even the Nikon D1/D1x/D1h). I shot around 140 images, and I knew immediately from the images that I’m not much of a sports shooter, at least not yet.

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