Sumayya, Rae, Sunsets and Figure Skating

On Thursday, I had lunch with Sumayya, a former co-worker of mine from Palm. We had lunch at Los Charros, home of the famous and delicious wet burrito. That’s a delicacy that Dardy introduced me to. Yummy!

After lunch, we took a walk over to the Mountain View City Hall, where we hung out in the cavernous Council Chambers Hall (where we hold our COBA meetings). It was fun pretending that we were city council members, debating over the future of Mountain View’s water supply using the chamber’s microphone system. The picture at the top of this page is the roof of City Hall — pretty beautiful isn’t it?

Afterwards, we went back home to do make some prints on my Epson 1280. I thought that I had gotten the color right on my printer after following some tips from other photographers, but for some reason, the 1280 refused to output anything remotely similar to what was on my screen. I don’t think that it handles certain tones very well. Sigh.

Later in the afternoon, I helped Rae with her sword form, filming and photographing her form. It helps to have photos and video to correct mistakes in one’s form. Click on the image to the right to see an animated GIF of Rae with her sword.

Thursday night was disappointing, as Michelle Kwan failed to win the gold medal in the figure skating competition at the Olympics. The 2002 sports year has been sad for me. First, my Rams lose to the Patriots. Now, Kwan lost yet again to an American teenager. Sometimes, the best skater doesn’t win, just like on any given Sunday, an inferior team can beat the superior team. Four years of practice is over in four minutes. Fall and you’ll go home with the bronze medal. Double sigh.

Did anyone catch the sunset on Friday? I haven’t seen the sky so luminescent and purple in quite some time. Beautiful. In the evening, I went to a double birthday dinner for Rae’s dad and brother. We went to Fatima’s, a Chinese Muslim restaurant in Cupertino. Apparently, there are a lot of Chinese Muslims out there, something I didn’t know.

On a side note, I found out recently that Alf went to high school with Rae and Levi. Alf is one of Randy’s friends from Homestead. What a small world!

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