Filming with Rae and Levi

Rae, Levi, and I were at De Anza College Saturday afternoon to work on a short film for Levi’s film class. Rae and I were the only actors in this short silent film that saw us sitting at a bench and munching down on Hershey chocolate bars with almonds.

Since we had to do multiple takes, we had to keep bringing out fresh chocolate bars to open and eat. I must have stuffed the equivalent of three to four bars in my mouth during the shoot! Ah well… it’s all going for a good cause, right?

We should see the results of our work in about a week, which I’ll try to post online in my Video section. I recently added one movie that I helped make during my sophomore year at Stanford. My CS447/ME296 project team worked on SportScope, a digital wireless binocular system for sporting events. Pentax recently announced something that bears more than a passing resemblance to SportScope. It only took some 7 years for someone to do it!

After we finished filming, I drove up 280 to Stanford to check my mail. Everybody seemed to have sad faces when I walked passed them. I found out later that the men’s basketball team lost to UCLA. Sigh… none of my teams are doing well this year are they?!?

There was this huge R2-D2 paper-mache thing at White Plaza. They must have been advertising for some party — it was rather cute, I thought. Lots of families were on campus today. I saw a number of them in White Plaza, Tresidder, and at the gated entrance to the Dish trail. I remember when they didn’t have guards at that gate, when you could run wild and make your own trails up to the Dish. Those days are long gone, unfortunately.

Lake Lagunita was dried up. The last few years at Stanford, it was full of water after the rainy season, making it easy to take one of the wooden platforms out onto the water like Huck Finn.

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