From Singapore to Mountain View

Does anybody actually read what I write on my web site? Or, are you coming here just to look at some pretty pictures?

This morning, I drove Randy to San Francisco International Airport. He’s travelling to Singapore to visit Juliana. That’s a 21 hour flight, which is ungodly long. At least he’s flying on Singapore Airlines, home of the prettiest airline stewardess’ around!

As is typical with these airports, there was an international flavor to the crowd. People were coming and going to destinations unknown and familiar. Some were businessmen returning home after meetings in the Bay Area, while others were families departing for their own European Excursion or Asian Adventure. Many were taking pictures before they left, capturing their lives on a cosmic blink of silver halide molecules or bits and bytes.

And me? I went back to the comfortable confines of Mountain View! How I long to get out of this area, if only for a few days. The only thing that’s holding me back, however, is myself. I did recently post a map of the United States on my wall; it’ll help me plan out my upcoming road trip across the country.

What do you do when there’s a passion inside of you that yearns to be heard and released? For Jim and Preet Dullaghan, it meant quitting their comfortable jobs in the high-tech industry for 6 months of travel through Asia and Europe. Their past experience and their adventures overseas formed the seeds for their next venture, Global Village Cafe. Vienna Teng performed at GVC this evening to a crowd of over 30 people.

Tonight’s performance was a bit different from the last time that I went to see Vienna at GVC. The restaurant served dinner first from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. A little past 8:00 pm, Vienna began her set. When she started singing, everybody stopped to listen and enjoy. The previous time, forks and knives kept clanking as people continued eating and talking. As a result, Vienna was relegated to background music. This new format was a definite improvement. Keep it up, GVC and Vienna!

Vienna put on another lovely performance of songs from her debut album, Waking Hour, as well as a mix of new and unpublished music. Feather and Moon was a new one for me, as was the Chinese Folk Song at the end. Watch out Faye and A-Mei; Vienna’s coming to town!

Although I could have used a spotlight on Vienna during her performance, I was able to salvage a few pictures worth publishing. Without the luxury of flash (too distracting) until after the performance, I shot a mix of ISO400-3200 shots with the EOS-1D. I can’t imagine what it would have been like shooting with a film camera there. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to worry about mid-roll changes of film! It also helped to use a tripod for the shots, as there was no way I could have handheld some of the photos.

If you haven’t bought Vienna’s CD or heard her perform live, what are you waiting for? Plane tickets are cheap these days. Come on, live a little and add a little adventure to your lives! As Arnold says in Total Recall, “Get your ass to Vienna! Get your ass to Vienna!”

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