Stanford At Night

I’ve been feeling a bit restless lately with my photography, so I decided to go to Stanford to take some long exposures photos with the EOS-1D tonight. A little over a year ago, I had taken similar shots with the EOS-D30, which resulted in some beautiful prints of Main Quad at night.

Mounted on a Bogen 3041B tripod, the 1D performed pretty admirably in the evening cold at the Farm. I do wish that the noise reduction system were as fast on the 1D as it is on the new EOS-D60, but I can’t complain too much, given the results. The images at ISO100 and above are definitely cleaner and more detailed than a D30’s. The D60 with its 6 megapixel CMOS sensor might give the 1D a run for its money, however. The next COBA meeting will have a D60 on hand, so if you’re interested in checking out the latest from Canon, come on March 7th!

I noticed that ISO100 images displayed little or no banding in exposures up to 30 seconds long compared with ISO200 and higher shots. Even in the ISO200 shots, however, the banding is barely noticeable on the screen; I doubt that it would be visible when printed. It’s still sad to see banding rear its head in 1D images. Sigh. I haven’t been shooting much at ISO100, but now perhaps I will do so, even if it means losing a bit of dynamic range.

I really, really like the shot to the left. Unfortunately, the perspective is all messed up on MemChu! Sigh. I guess that means I’ll have to get a 24mm f/2.8L tilt-shift lens to correct the perspective, right? One step at a time. The quality of that image is really quite nice, especially since it was taken at ISO400. You can make out the Orion Constellation in the picture, along with what I think is Jupiter right above it (the big bright one). Cool!

After shooting Main Quad, I went to the Physics Hoop outside of Green and Meyer Library. Instead of capturing the entire installation, I focused on a portion of the hoop and the watery results below. Long exposures on any camera make for some beautiful pictures, I have to say. If you want to be in the picture, however, you’ve got to stand very, very still! If Jewel can do it, so can I!

There was a news truck (Channel 4) parked at the top of the Oval. Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch which newscaster was broadcasting, nor did I find out what they were covering. They did have a lot of gear set up to broadcast the news report, though.

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