Birthday Weekend

27 years seemed like such a big number when we were children, didn’t it? It’s still a relatively young age, but man, it’s starting to look like a big old number! Only three more years to 30, eh? I would never have believed 30 would get here soooo quickly. I’m already 10 years older than the freshman at Stanford today! Eeks!!!

Since our birthdays are only one day apart, Rae and I had planned a series of fun-filled and celebratory events for this past weekend. Here’s our Saturday schedule:


I covered the first two events on separate pages on my web site. Click on the links to check out the seminar that we attended on young Asian American film directors and Mina’s art reception for more information.

As for dinner, I was disappointed that we weren’t able to stay at the restaurant longer. A number of people arrived late to the restaurant, and the kitchen was slow in getting the food to us. The food finally came around 7:30 pm, which meant Rae, Susan, Michael, Deb, and I had to scarf down and inhale the food in order to make it in time for Laurie Anderson at 8:00 pm. As you might expect, we didn’t have enough time to talk to our friends. Thanks though to everyone who made it: Felix, Sophia, Judy, Christy, Eric, Leslie & Will (from my contigent) and Susan, Petrice, Michael & Deb, Eugene & Cindy, Jeff, Jack & Jimmy, and Scott & Nancy (from Rae’s contingent). We’ll make sure the next time we hold a joint party, we won’t have any time constraints to rein in the fun!

Here’s a few of the decent photos that I took from the birthday dinner. Most of them were pretty bad, though. Thanks to Eric for taking photos after we had left.

I found myself unable to enjoy Laurie Anderson’s Happiness performance because my mind was racing about the day’s events. The rest of the crowd was mesmerized by Laurie’s hypnotic voice, but I just sat there looking off into space, waiting for the performance to end. Ah well, there’s always next year.


Sunday’s scheduled was just as filled as Saturday’s, but it was less stressful and much more fun:

  • Asian American Film Festival Seminar: 3:45-6:00 pm
  • Dinner with Susan and Rae: 6:00-9:00 pm
  • Le Tigre: 9:30 pm – 1:00 am

We started Rae’s birthday by going back up to San Francisco to the film festival. I dropped her off at the Kabuki Theater and drove over to Eric’s place to pick up the equipment that I left at the restaurant Saturday night. I stayed at his place — surfing the Net and catching up on email — until I had to pick up Rae and Susan in Japantown. We had a leisurely dinner at Mifune, where Rae and I opened our presents. Susan was kind enough to act as our personal photographer. Thanks, Susan!

After dinner, the three of us hung out at the ice cream shop while counting down the minutes to Le Tigre. While resting on the tables by the ice cream shop, Eric and Amabelle passed by. They had eaten at Mifune as well that evening!

Chicks on Speed and Tribe8 opened for Le Tigre at the Great American Music Hall. Their music is a far cry from what I usually listen to, that’s for sure! Rae and Susan had fun at the concert, while I entertained myself with watching the interesting denizens of San Francisco bounce and dance about to the tunes and lyrics of these three punk-rock lesbian bands!

There are a few more pictures from the weekend in the photo gallery below. See you in another year for my 28th birthday!

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