Mina's Art Reception in SF

In between my rush to get from San Francisco to Berkeley for my birthday dinner, I stopped by Enrico’s Sidewalk Cafe in North Beach to attend the opening of an art exhibition by Mina. North Beach presents an interesting mix of high class and seedy nightlife. Expensive restaurants stand side by side with strip clubs and adult shops. Enrico’s belongs decidedly with the former camp.

The last time that I saw Mina, it was at the NewOrangeland Atelier art gallery where she was showcasing her work. Some of the usual folks from that event were at this one, and I ran into a few people from Nancy’s holiday party last year.

Here’s a collection of interesting images from the opening. Though I wasn’t able to stay for very long, I hope my photographs will give you a flavor for the fun at Enrico’s. Next time you find yourself in North Beach, stop by to see Mina’s work! When you’re done, hop on over to her web site for more!

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