End of May

Today, I completed my month-long stint at the local newspaper. Overall it was a good experience. I learned quite a bit about the industry and was able to go on photoshoots that I normally would never have gone to. All good things must come to an end, however, and now it’s on to different ventures.

Today was also the last day for a couple of people who worked with me back at Palm. Jon is leaving for a travelling and a job in New Jersey, while Josh is off to business school after his own European excursion for the next two months. Palm’s past, present, and future gathered together at the Blue Chalk Cafe in Palo Alto this afternoon to send them off with food and drink.

We learned that news of Palm’s low-than-expected third quarter earnings also meant that more layoffs are in store at the handheld company in Santa Clara. Sigh. More and more people are leaving the company with each passing month. Who’s left but the executives to run the show? I got a kick out of Brian Blair’s (an analyst at hedge fund Bluewater Capital) comment on News.com, “They always blame everything except their own lack of innovation and mismanagement of inventory.”

I hadn’t seen people like Brian, Natasha, Trevor, Julie, Katherine, Morgan, Vijay, and the others in such a long time. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 6 months since I left Palm! Tomorrow’s the start of the 6th month of 2002. The year’s almost half over already?!?

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