Month in Photojournalism

Click on the picture to the left to see a collage of the assignments that I handled during my month-long stint at a local Bay Area newspaper. In May, I photographed ex-Presidents, restaurants, numerous local K-12 schools, and real-estate properties. As I mentioned earlier, my experience at the paper was overall a good one.

The past few days, I’ve been hanging out with friends and enjoying the great weather here in the Bay Area. Last Thursday, Rae, Susan, Steven, and I went to the UC Theatre in Berkeley to see Medea performed by the Shotgun Players. It was enjoyable, but I think that their previous play, Iphigenia in Aulis was better acted and had better ambiance (being held in an outdoor amphitheatre).

After the play, we went to dinner at Ryowa Ramen in Berkeley (they also have a location in downtown Mountain View). In front of the restaurant, there was this tricked out Toyota MR2 with a giant air scoop sticking out of the engine. It reminded me of Mad Max’s supercharger in his police interceptor!

On Saturday, I toured Elaine around Stanford. She and her husband were travelling from San Diego for the weekend. We caught up on what we’ve been doing for the past few years while perusing the works of art at Cantor and traversing the entire campus. We even ran into Dardy and Sonya at the Treehouse (né Pollo Reys).

Later in the afternoon, I hung out at Randy’s place for a few hours. We had a yummy sushi lunch at Miyake’s in Cupertino.

Sunday night featured a rematch of Trivia Night at the King’s Head Pub in Campbell. Our team tied for first place in the second round! We didn’t win the tiebreaker, but at least we know that we can win a round! Next time we come to Trivia Night, we’re going to take names and kick ass!

Today, I had yet another sushi lunch in downtown San Jose with former co-workers, Greg Arnold and Jon Abilay.

1 thought on “Month in Photojournalism

  1. christine

    i my self is a student journalist that focuses more in the field of photo journalism..i would like to learn more. I’ll be very happy if you would share to me all your expertise.
    i like to capture everyones expressions in the lenses of my camera. i treasure moments through my cam.

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