Jeremy's Birthday and Summerfest

Katherine held a surprise birthday party for Jeremy on Saturday evening at Sunflower Restaurant on 16th and Valencia in San Francisco. I’m not sure if Jeremy is tired of Vietnamese food following his month-long biking trip through Vietnam, but everyone else there sure enjoyed the tasty dishes. Given that I had a late lunch with Randy in Cupertino, I wasn’t that hungry, but it sure looked “gorgelicious”! Rae, Susan, Petrice, and I actually ate at Sunflower the weekend before when we went to see Xeno perform at the Xenodrome. If you’re into performance artists like Cirque du Soleil, Xeno is definitely worth checking out.

Jeremy mentioned that he usually can smell a party coming from a mile away, but this time he was genuinely surprised Katherine’s clever birthday trap. Among the people that came were Toli, Ellen, Lana, April, Katherine, Erik, Eric, Sonya, Scott, Jade, Betsy, Marnie, and three more whose names escape me at the moment. I had seen a number of them at Jeremy’s Road Trip Party back in March. It’s already been 4.5 months since that party! Time sure is flying these days!

Erik and I discussed digital cameras for his upcoming trip through Asia and Europe. For those of you interested in purchasing your first digital camera, I’ve written a guide on what camera(s) I recommend. Jeremy brought a Canon G2 with him to Vietnam and the results were very nice.

Here are a few more pictures from Jeremy’s party at Sunflower, including my customary birthday candle blowout animation. Thanks to April for baking those cookies. They were good!

I had to leave the party a bit early since Rae and the troupe from Facing East Dance & Music were performing at Summerfest over at Cowell Theater in the Fort Mason Conference Center at 8:00 pm. While walking back to the car, I bumped into Jeff Luszcz. That’s the second time in a week that I’ve randomly run into somebody that I knew on the streets of San Francisco (the other time being last week when we ran into Jen before Xeno).

The organizers of Summerfest did not allow any photography during the event. That’s too bad, as many of the performances were quite dramatic, well choreographed, and had nice stage lighting. With dance pieces that are very quiet, I can understand the restrictions on photography. A number of the dance performances last night, however, had some very strong musical accompaniment, which could have masked the sound of my camera going off. Oh well, it did allow me to enjoy the performance in their entirety.

Afterwards the post-performance reception, Francis, Frances, Claire, Cristina, Sharon, Jeff, Rae, and I went to the Romeo 5 Asian Art Cafe and Bar in Japantown for food and drinks.

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