Vienna Teng: Sold Out!

On the heels of her half-page article in the San Jose Mercury News, Vienna Teng played to a sold out crowd at the Espresso Garden & Café in San Jose. Vienna performed on one leg of the Asian-American Showcase Tour with Emm Gryner, Annie Lin and Jenny Choi. Apparently, tickets have been selling for quite some time, but I guess all of her friends and groupies figured we could arrive 30 minutes before the show without any problems. Well, I guess those days are long gone; Vienna’s gone prime time!

The manager of Espresso Garden did say we could hang out in the back, where the music apparently could reach. I’m not sure We left before we could find out, however. Bill, Steven, Jess, Carolyn, or Jeremy: could you hear the music?

In other news, Eric’s dive equipment from the Bahamas arrived at my door yesterday afternoon. If you haven’t checked out his amazing underwater photos from the trip, do so now!!! He is growing strong in the ways of underwater photography. Rae and I couldn’t help but try on his mask and cap and pretend we were little fishies swimming in the ocean!

Oops, the nose goes into the mask, not outside!

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