Crystal and Vienna

Crystal is leaving the Bay Area to work in Shanghai for the next few years. On Saturday, friends and family gathered at her home in Los Gatos to wish her well.

Crystal’s dad cooked up a seemingly neverending supply of scrumptious and delectable food for everyone at the party. From bbq chicken to spareribs to tri-tip to baked salmon to spicy pasta, the food kept on coming and coming! The only thing that temporarily stopped us from gobbling up all the food was a pack of equally ravenous and frenzied yellowjackets! Fortunately for us, Crystal’s sister Josie came up with a novel way to ward them off: Bounce fabric softener sheets! Apparently, wasps react to Bounce the same way that vampires cringe at the smell of garlic and the sight of a cross! Store that tip in your memory for your next BBQ!

At the party, I kept noticing people who looked really familiar. Vague memories of shared classes and experiences flooded my mind as I kept wondering, “Did he or she go to Stanford with me?” For instance, it’s been five years since I last saw Chris Wiedmann. He and I both majored in Symbolic Systems, and we have a number of of interesting memories (mostly those of suffering) through Philosophy 160A. The last time I saw him, he had blond dreadlocks, so I guess I can’t blame myself too much (i.e. there was no excuse) for not recognizing him quicker. I have to say that it was both funny and a bit embarassing when, as I started to introduce myself, he cut me off with, “Adam Tow, it’s Chris Wiedmann!”

In addition to Chris, there were a number of other Class of ’97 graduates at Crystal’s party. Of course, I didn’t remember any of them! 1600 students is a lot of students to keep track of after all! Yes, our Reunion this October is going to be very, very interesting indeed. Another person with whom I had a brief conversation was Nate (Class of ’98). He’s been working on the US Air Force Airborne Laser (YAL-1A) for the past several years.

Crystal and Josie’s mother, Lilly, is a budding amateur photographer. It was fun to talk shop with her and look through her photo albums. With her around, we could tag-team our way towards photographing the event. She would photograph them from the front, and I’d take them from the back! BTW, Lilly took the photo of Image #5 in the photo gallery.

See a thematic similarity in the portraits below? Lately, I’ve been experimenting with negative space and the edges of the frame. A portrait doesn’t always have to show the entire head. Sometimes, it’s okay to try different techniques when taking photos!

Crystal’s party likely went well into the evening, but Rae and I had to leave to attend another party with Vienna and her friends in Mountain View. If you’ve been reading the paper these days, you’ll note that Vienna recently quit her job at Cisco to pursue her music career. Among the well-wishers at Frankie Johnnie & Luigi Too were Scott, Rob, Jeremy, Carolyn, Jeff, Eddie, Kay, Brian, Jim, Bill, Steven, and Roget.

After dinner, we went to Carolyn’s place and played this fun game whose name escapes me at the moment. Everyone wrote down a question (i.e. Why does, What if, or Who could) on a piece of paper. The slips of paper would be put into a bowl and randomized. Everyone would then select a piece of paper and answer the question. The slips would be randomized once again and redistributed out to the group. The first person would then ask the question on his/her piece of paper and the next person in line would answer it from his or her paper. We got some very interesting question/answer combinations, some of which are not fit to print on this web site! Suffice it to say, it was very fun!

Rob has this funny idea to take a picture of everyone in the same pose (No, you da man!) that you see in the images below. Check them out, along with the others from this past weekend!

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