Quoi d’neuf?

On Saturday, the St. Lawrence String Quartet performed Tchaikovsky 1 and Bartok 3 at Eric’s in San Francisco. I’m not well versed in classical music, but I can spot excellence when I hear it — Geoff, Barry, Leslie, and Alberto, they are most impressive.

On Sunday, Rae and I went cycling along Canada Road in Woodside. The city closes off the road to vehicular traffic on Sundays, making it great for cyclists, roller-bladers, and runners. I brought along the camera for the ride. That’s right, here I am spinning at 20 miles per hour with no hands on the bike, taking pictures!

This week has all been about filming, cutting, and editing. You’ll see the final result in a few weeks.

Photokina 2002 is happening this week in Cologne, Germany. The digital imaging world has had its head turned upside down. 11 megapixel and 14 megapixel digital camera offerings from Canon and Kodak, along with the potentially revolutionary Foveon sensor! Wow!

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