Bulletproof Lounge

Music streamed from the phallic Harmon Kardon Soundsticks and Jello shots (red not green this time) flowed from the fridge last night at Dardy’s Bulletproof Lounge party, held in celebration of his now furnished apartment.

There were a number of online personalities present, including Carol, Paul, Mike, Eric, Susan, Rae, and Rita. It shall be quite interesting to read the various reactions, impressions, and thoughts from so many web journalists, in the coming days!

Jack, Amy, and I had an extended conversation about how long I’ll be continuing this web site. In my opinion, writing about memorable events, rather than a daily blomit, is the key to sustained growth. The other approach tends to burn people out — once they’ve said all there has to be said, what more is there left to say?

By virtue of bringing an EOS-D60, D30, and 1D, Paul, Mike, and I assured quite a bit of shop talk, equipment lusting, and snapshots last night. Wildlife photography begins at 400mm! Fast lenses good! Slow lenses bad! Most of my friends are familiar and used to the sight of me with a camera, but some of Dardy’s guests were not, so it was neat to see and hear people’s reactions to the constant sound of the cameras’ clicking and flashing. One thing’s for sure, this type of photo documentation would never have happened prior to digital!

Don’t miss Eric’s great landscape and nature photos on his web site. I’ve always wondered where he took those fantastic beach photographs, living in the Bay Area. Know I know! Montara!

Dardy had these Krispy Kreme donuts and these cream puffs on his bulletproof table (which sounded rather flimsy to me when I tapped on it). I stopped after eating two glazed donuts and around 6 puffs; I didn’t want them to puff me up after having worked hard to slim down over the past two months!

Several months ago, I watched Undercover Brother with Dardy, Will and Grace. Although I had brought along my camera to the theater, I stupidly forgot to bring the memory card! Alas, I wasn’t able to get Will & Grace’s photo that night. Not so this evening! Here they are along with some more portraits from Dardy’s gathering.

There are more pictures from the evening in the photo gallery. Click on the link below to see them!

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