This weekend, I said goodbye to the calm and easy streets of Mountain View as I completed my move to nearby Cupertino.

Four years living in the same place meant I accumulated a large number of possessions that I had to either (1) take to the new place or (2) loan, (3) give, or (4) throw away. Even with a generous helping of (2), (3), and (4), it’s safe to say that everything I took with me to Cupertino could not have fit in my wilderness backpack!

With the help of Randy and Rae, the move took several roundtrips between Cupertino and Mountain View, but was altogether relatively straightforward. I loaned some furniture to Sophia, who drove a 17-foot U-Haul to transport my sofa, dining table, and coffee table to her house. The sofa was incredibly heavy, and I wonder how I was able to get it up there in the first place!

Somehow all of those plastic bags from the grocery stores found their way into one of my kitchen cabinets. Judging from the photograph below, I guess their acquisition outpaced their use as garbage bags!

On September 2, 1998, I wrote this about my now-former residence:

My new place... that's where I can spread out
and be a little more extravagant in the way that
I live, Journal. It's going to be fun, to say the least.

Quite the understatement. Randy was asking me what I would say to myself if I had the opportunity to sit down with the Adam from five years ago. Aside from some obvious things, I would have told myself not to acquire so many things!

It is interesting to note that in a few weeks’ time, the walls will bleed white and new tenants will be moving in, ready to start creating their own memories in a place I once called my own. Looking back, it’s been a relatively enjoyable four years in Mountain View. I will miss the blue, yellow, and red walls and the memories contained within. However hard it may be, we must be ready to let some things go. Au revoir, Mountain View.

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