San Jose Chinese Choir

Rae’s parents performed Saturday night with their choir at the First United Methodist Church in Palo Alto. The San Jose Chinese Choir was formed “in 1981 by parents and friends of the San Jose Chinese School.” They give regular performances in the Bay Area and have sung in the Hawaiian Islands, LA, and Vancouver.

I particularly enjoyed the soprano solos by Nancy Kang. I remember a time in elementary school when they were auditioning students to sing in a class chorus. A couple of notes into my “audition” the evaluators, who were fellow students, shook their heads and sent me on my way. So ended my brief singing career! I wonder if people can develop singing skills during adulthood or if it’s something that is usually nurtured and developed in childhood.

After the performance, Rae and I went to Ryowa on Castro Street for some late night ramen. There were a few people still in the restaurant when we arrived, but by the time we finished, no one was left but the employees. Jim wrote in his September 26th entry about these ceramic cats that he’s been noticing around Chinatown.

Something about the uniformity of its gaze says
“We are all one, we are the collective, the revolution is upon us.”
(Jim Batcho)

I inquired with one of the employees as to their significance, and she assured me that it was a good luck ornament designed to bring money into the establishment. A good front to conceal their true purpose!

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