Blue + Red + Yellow = White

This afternoon, four years of blue, red, and yellow faded away as white returned to my former apartment. Despite the painters’ best efforts, however, small patches of color continue to peek around edges as if to say, “Look! I was once red, blue, and yellow!” to the future tenants.

I was back at this place in my dream last night. The living room looked exactly as it had once been, leading my dream self to think that I still lived there. Upon walking into the bedroom, I realized that someone else was living in my place now! Panicking, I quickly tried to vacate the premises, but to no avail. The new occupants had just returned home!

You have to love computer white balance. Take three images and you’ll get three different variations on white. The human eye can adjust itself to different lighting conditions far better than a computer. Next time (if there ever is a next time in this place), I’ll shoot RAW.

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