Vienna at the SF Public Library

The ripples are growing larger, encircling the lake from within. Soon, the ripples will reach the river and from there the ocean. When that happens, watch out, world!

Vienna Teng performed at the San Francisco Public Library this afternoon. The crowd ranged from the homeless to friends and family to passerbys who had been spending the day at the library. Everyone was treated to another lovely performance by Vienna. Eric and I videotaped and photographed the concert, which may be aired in a future KQED broadcast. We used our dual camera setup, which will produce a better end product than if we used a single camera (as was done the other day at the Hotel Utah Saloon).

There’s a colorful exhibition of large 20×30 35mm prints from photographer Geoffrey Clifford in the Jewett Gallery at the library. Vietnam: Journey of the Heart “depicts a nation rich in history — a nation that after centuries of war is finally at peace.” Check it out soon, as the exhibition completes its run on November 12, 2002.

I ran into a fellow Symbolic Systems colleague from Stanford following the performance. Tim’s friend Winnie had read about Vienna in the San Jose Mercury News today, and the two of them decided to attend the concert. I also met Steve, a longtime Vienna fan who’s finishing up his studies at UCSF. The Cult of Teng is growing in leaps and bounds! When will you submit?

On Sunday, you have two opportunities. In the morning, Vienna will be performing at The Cannery in Fisherman’s Wharf, and in the afternoon, she’ll be at Borders in Palo Alto. For more details on Vienna’s schedule, check out the Vienna Teng Calendar.

Afterwards, Eric and I had dinner with Wendy at Alice’s in Noe Valley. Before heading down South, I chatted with Eric, Wendy, and Dardy, who had come up to SF to attend another concert with Eric.

There are a few more pictures in the photo gallery. Click on the link below to see them!

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