Solar Powered Charger

Backpacking poses a unique set of challenges for today’s digital photographer. How much photo gear can you carry before you begin compromising on the essentials like your tent, sleeping bag, food, clothing? Also, how many batteries do you have to carry to ensure continuous power for your digital camera, flashlights, flashes, and other electrical equipment? For the former, I simply grin and bear the extra 15-20 pounds. The latter problem forces a limit of about six days out in the wilderness before running out of energy.

The solution to the energy problem comes from our celestial neighbor, the Sun! Click here to read the full article.

Tuesday night, I returned to the Camden Bowl after a prolonged absence. Welcoming my pitiful skills were Dardy, Mike, Nelson, Adam, Dan, Walter, John, Cheng, and Paul (anyone missing?) along with some new faces (for me at least) in Vanessa, Nadia, Katherine. Although I bowled horribly in the first two games, I did get two strikes in the final frame (and an 8 on the last bowl).

And now, Bowling for Photos. Bowling wasn’t the only thing that sucked for me last night!

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