Berkeley to San Francisco to Hungary

Friday featured a whirlwind tour of the Bay Area Peninsula. In the morning, Rae and I headed up to Berkeley, where she practiced with her dance troupe, and I had ramen noodles at Ryowa with Edna and Erik. Following lunch, Edna and I walked over to Hearst Gym where we met up with Rae. We were standing in front of the Jamba Juice, when who comes strolling down the street in a Stanford t-shirt? None other than Troy Clardy! During our college days, Troy and I had mailboxes right next to each other at the Stanford Post Office.

A rabid Denver Broncos fan, Troy not only had to suffer through season after disappointing season, but also constant ripping from me on how pitiful the Broncos were. Troy to his credit kept the faith, and in 1997 and 1998, he got the last laugh when the Orange Crush won two consecutive Super Bowls. I ended up rooting for the Broncos while they battled the Packers and the Falcons and deemed them worthy champions! Troy, I bow down to you and John Elway in awe of his rise from Super Bowl goat to Super Bowl hero!

Though I ran into Troy at last month’s Reunion, I didn’t get a photo of him. Not this time!

Before heading up to the City last night, Rae and I were walking along the street of Berkeley, when I spied a girl wearing a t-shirt that read, “Fuck Stanford”. We have “Beat Cal” and they have “Fuck Stanford”. What’s up with that? Well, the Big Game is next week, and I’m hopeful that the Cardinal will redeem their lost season by beating Cal for the 8th consecutive time. Go Cardinal! Beat Cal! Retain the Axe!

Friday evening, Rae and I met up with Randy, Stephanie, Chung, and Kristina at Bistro E Europe, self-proclaimed as San Francisco’s only Roma restaurant. Bistro E was unlike many restaurants where I’ve eaten before, as it displayed a unique combination of energetic live music, dancing, and super-cool proprietors. Even Rae and I got into the act of dancing. I haven’t been out clubbing in a long, long time, so it was good to dust off the cobwebs and get down.

We didn’t try the Bulls Blood of Eger wine, but we did enjoy the yummy Meza Platter, Hungarian Bogracs Gulyas, Chicken Paprikash, Crème of Spinach Crepe with Sopska Salad and Mamaliga, and Roma Fettuccini/Turos Csusza (with bacon, yum!).

Stephanie’s web site has been disabled for god knows how long on Homestead’s web servers, but she let me know last night that it’s back up and running. Woo hoo!

Chung was talking about applying to business schools, and he made a mention of one in France. I searched through my memories and remembered a school in Fontainebleau called INSEAD. Sure enough, that was the one Chung was talking about. Hmm… a one-year business school in Europe. Intriguing.

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