Editing Meteors

Eric and I spent the afternoon editing our footage from Vienna’s performance at the San Francisco Public Library earlier this month. With Jim’s massaged audio tracks, we sliced, rippled, and edited our way through 6 of Vienna’s 14 songs from the performance. Learning the nuances of Final Cut Pro has been slow, but I’m making good progress. One thing will remain constant, though; editing is involved and time-consuming!

In other news, I’ve begun converting the pages of this web site into XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant pages. Like FCP, it’s a slow process, but the workflow is certainly much simpler and more straightforward. Eventually, I’d like to have the site delivering XHTML 1.x compliant pages, but for now the transitional documents will work quite nicely.

1:00 am. I am going to check out the Leonids later tonight. In the darkness that is my backyard in Cupertino, I hope to spy some of them to share on this web site.

3:17 am. Well, though I certainly saw a number of shooting stars, I wasn’t able to capture many of them with my digital camera. One of them silently exploded into a green ball of light (see last image).

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