In the House of War, Music, and Football

I walked alongside a blue and gold clad crowd on Shattuck and Telegraph. They did not suspect that cardinal red burned beneath my green fleece jacket. The buses rolled on through, depositing foot soldiers from across the Bay right into the bear’s den. Hibernation was over. The Big Game festivites have begun. Fuck Stanfurd! Beat Cal!

Whatever. Both teams suck anyhow.

Did Stanford ever hold rallies like they do at football crazy colleges like Notre Dame? I don’t recall there being anything of the sort, short of The Band playing their brand of music from dorm to dorm.

Rae and I were in Berkeley and Oakland on Friday. In The Face Of War: Asian Photographers View Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Philippines, & USA is being held at the Asian Resource Gallery in Oakland’s Chinatown (8th and Harrison). “The spirit of the exhibit expresses people’s resistance to war. It’s a powerful argument for why we in the US should support self-determination for other nations, when we can see the impact of what the American government is doing in other countries.” said Sun Hyung Lee, APICAW organizer.

Some of the photos were taken during the Anti-War Protest in San Francisco that I attended earlier in the year. I wonder what it would have taken to get some of my photos displayed in this exhibit. In The Face Of War runs until November 30, 2002.

We had dinner at the Cha-Ya vegetarian Japanese restaurant. We had eaten there last year just before Halloween. Not only did we sit at the same table, I unconsciously ordered the exact same dinner as I did last year! Ah, the benefits of taking a digital camera with you everywhere have been revealed once again!

Following dinner, we went to the Rose Street House of Music to listen to three singer-songwriters, Vienna Teng, Joules Graves, and Rachel Efron. We arrived at the tail-end of Rachel’s set, but were on-hand for Vienna’s five songs (Gravity, Momentum, The Tower, Unwritten Letter #1, and Lullaby For A Stormy Night) and for much of Joule’s performance. Joules definitely knew how to work the crowd, with nearly everyone joining in for her frequent sing-a-longs. I really, really enjoyed her performance, including Meteor Shower and Nipplephobia. “If you have a problem with a word, say it a hundred times!” she said.

“Let peace prevail on Earth,” she repeated throughout one of her songs. It made much more sense having just come from the photography exhibit earlier in the day. I’m looking forward to purchasing her CD and hearing more from this artist.

A few more photos grace this entry’s photo gallery. Click on the link below to see them.

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