Dardy's Birthday Party

This weekend, we celebrated Dardy’s birthday with a dinner at Chevy’s, followed by a movie at the Shoreline Theaters in Mountain View. Rae, Eric, Mike, Carol, Jack, Amy, Alan, Ting, Peter, and Jay rounded out the crowd at dinner.

We sat at a long, horizontal tables, which made it difficult to talk to the people on the other end. Dardy frequently discusses the lack of intermingling among his his various social circles. On Saturday night, we had the online bloggers/journalists on one end and his Stanford friends on the other. I knew many from the latter group when we all worked at the Teahouse at Stanford, but as the years drifted by, I lost touch with them until reconnecting with Dardy last year.

Following dinner, several of us went to the Shoreline Theater to watch the new James Bond flick. The theater was packed with hundreds of college-aged and high school students, eager to disappear into the world of entertainment, action, violence, and sex for a couple of hours. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying mindless entertainment every once in awhile! I thought it was a reasonably good movie, though I didn’t care for the really bad CGI effects at times. James Bond adventures are supposed to be fantasy, but there are limits.

Additional coverage on Eric’s, Mike’s and Dardy’s web sites.

Happy Birthday, Dardy, and congratulations! You’ve lived to Die Another Day.

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