White Elephant

Thanks to the efforts of Fanny, the former crew of the Content and Access Division at Palm has kept in touch following the aftermath of Palm’s frequent downsizings. A number of us have left the company for new opportunities and greener pastures, but fortunately our friendships remain. Today, we went to Benihana in Cupertino for our annual White Elephant holiday lunch.

The food was pretty filling, and it’s always entertaining to see the neat tricks that the chefs do with their tools as they cook our food. I was able to catch our chef flipping a shrimp (or was it a scallop?) onto Chung or Greg’s plate (see animation to the right).

I wound up receiving a DVD of Jerry Seinfeld’s I’m Telling You For The Last Time. I originally had the Kiss of the Dragon DVD, but Greg asked me after lunch if I wanted to trade. Since I already saw the movie, it was okay with me… but what was strange was that Kiss of the Dragon was Greg’s contribution to White Elephant! I guess he bought something that he wanted for himself, eh? Very clever.

It was great to see everyone else, including Trevor, Brian C., Brian K., Lisa, Fermin, Jon, Dave, and Chung.

Alright, back to coding…

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