Kenny Liu

This morning, I was tightening the quick-release plate onto the bottom of my camera when I heard a “shickt” sound. The top threads of the tripod socket stripped when I tightened the screw, making it impossible for me to attach the plate to the camera. This is not the type of thing that should happen to this camera, especially since the one-year warranty expired yesterday!

I wound up going to Home Depot where Don helped me find a longer screw. It wasn’t a perfect fit, so we placed a washer between the screw and the mounting plate. After that, everything tightened up properly. Phew! On my way down to San Diego next week, I’ll drop by the Canon Service Center in Irvine to see how much and how long it will take to repair it. In the meantime, consider it fixed… MacGyver style!

Upon returning from Home Depot, I got a call from Eric, who informed me that he was having dinner with Kenny and his girlfriend Lori up in the City at Greens, a high-class vegetarian restaurant in the Fort Mason Conference Center. Ironically, I had just finished heating up my leftover vegetarian Ma Po Tofu, made with fake chicken broth and ground TVP! I put my food into the fridge and made the trek up the 280 and 101.

The minute that I walked into Greens — with me wearing my rooster/chicken hat — I thought, “Whoa, this is a little nice for a vegetarian restaurant!” The food wasn’t that bad, light and remarkably filling (though the portions could have been bigger!). I didn’t miss the lack of meat (or fake meat) in the dishes.

It was very nice to meet Kenny finally. Though I’ve followed his exploits at OHSU on his web site and on Eric’s, I never had the opportunity to meet him until now. Still, there was a certain sense of familiarity upon meeting him that I don’t feel when I meet someone whom I’ve only known on the web. No doubt, it’s because of our common link in Eric.

As with yesterday’s White Elephant lunch at Benihana’s, it was good to get out of the house to meet up with friends. I enjoyed talking with Lori, Kenny, and Eric about my plans with photography and software. I’ve got the feeling that the next year is going to be quite the productive one with regards to both of my passions.

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