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MacWorld 2003 Keynote

I’ve come to you now, at the turn of the tide.

A number of my friends have inquiring why there haven’t been many updates from me lately. There’s a reason to my disappearance. I’ve been coding like a fiend since the beginning of December! You can see a preview of these apps on on my new (for the moment) weblog. There’s difference between a weblog and my digital journal. I find that I post more of my random, spur of the moment thoughts in a blog, whereas the digital journal functions as a photojournalist view of an event.

nBlog is a blogging tool for the Newton that uses a wireless Internet connection to update one’s blog in real-time. It currently supports the Blogger 1.0 API and the developer preview of the Blogger 2.0 API (though I don’t know of any sites that are using the Blogger 2.0 API). I had to write a custom XML-RPC library for the Newton, which allows you to convert virtually any NewtonScript object into XML and back again! I’ve also been working on nHTML, the ultimate mobile web development environment. These apps demonstrate once again that Newton is more powerful than any handheld computer out on the market today! Stay tuned for additional updates on my software page!

The 17-inch PowerBook. Impressive, most impressive. Steve Jobs had great command of his reality distortion field at this year’s MacWorld Conference. He worked the crowd really well. I saw the keynote address at the Apple Store in Palo Alto. Using nBlog, my Newton, and the store’s public Airport network, I was able to update my weblog with up-to-the-second updates during Jobs’ keynote. Sure a keyboard and laptop is faster, but what’s cool than using a handheld computer?

On Thursday, I’m going to head up to SF for the conference. It should be interesting to compare it with last year’s expo. Things are becoming clearer as to where Apple is taking their products. Oh yeah, you gotta love their PowerBook commercial with Yao Ming and Mini-Me! It’s destined to become a classic! Yao Ming does Kareem Abdul-Jabbar one better in this PowerBook commercial!

In other news, Khahn and Mike came to the house the other night before they leave for San Diego and Seattle respectively at the end of the month. I loved the wrap that Khahn was wearing. If guys could pull it off (no, Anakin’s Tattooine wrap doesn’t qualify), I’d definitely wear one! I had dinner two days ago with Randy at the Veggie Garden restaurant in Mountain View. They serve lots of TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein), a foodstuff that I’ve been incorporating in many of my meals lately.


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