Po Bronson

This evening, Keplers featured Po Bronson, who in his latest book, poses the oft-asked, rarely answered question, What Should I Do with My Life? Bronson interviewed hundreds of people across the country in selecting fifty-five to profile in WSIDWML (doesn’t that sound like a tech term!). It’s not so much a self-help book as it is a book on providing perspective. By presenting the lives and decisions of everyday people who faced this question and attempted to answer it, Bronson gives us a sense on how we can take our own leap at discovering our own calling.

I didn’t come to the talk looking for answers myself. About a month ago, I was reading Bronson’s article in Fast Company wondering what I should do in my life. A few days later, the epiphany came, and I haven’t looked back.

I was fortunate to speak with Bronson right before he left. I think that it would be great to sit down with him for an extended period of time to talk shop. I’d also love to introduce him to Vienna Teng, another gifted individual who is following her passion. The feeling is amazing when you’re there, but I realize that there’s no path or cookie cutter recipe to follow. Perhaps we all must go on our own solo backpacking trip to find the truth. If you didn’t get it, that’s a metaphor.

There were over 300 people at the speaking this evening, and I ran into a couple of people that I knew. I hadn’t seen Miles Brown in over a year, and it was good to touch base on what’s been happening in his life and the tech sector. There also was this woman that I recognize from somewhere, but I just couldn’t place her. Don’t you hate it when that happens? The racial makeup of the crowd was decidely occidental, a far cry from the Wen Ho Lee talk a year ago.

Other News

Before heading to Keplers, I was at the Stanford Bookstore, where I reread the foreword that I wrote for the Palm OS Web Application Developer’s Guide. Here’s an excerpt:

We have certainly come a long way since the first consumer handhelds rolled off the manufacturing line in the early 90’s. We are just at the beginning, however, of leveraging the power of the Internet with the simplicity and portability of mobile devices. It’s up to us to define and create the wireless web. Let’s get to work!

Right on! And now for some photos from today:

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