Digital Vision Fellowship

Following a great lunch at the Bombay Oven in Cupertino with Kathy Ly, a former Palm colleague, I headed down to Stanford to hear Dan’l Lewin, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, give a talk on the .NET to the Fellows in the Digital Vision Fellowship Program. I last saw Dan’l at the Turning Bits Into Memories: Digital Photography talk at the San Jose Tech Museum last year (prior to that, we shared a cab ride to the airport from Demo 2001 in Arizona).

The DVF web site describes the program as “a unique initiative that brings together the academic, corporate, and NGO sectors. It gives outstanding technologists the opportunity to come to the campus of Stanford University in the heart of Silicon Valley and apply their vision and talent to address challenges facing the developing world.”

I first heard about the program from Cristina several weeks ago in a forwarded mail. It certainly looked intriguing from the perspective of the project that I’ve been working on. Today, after speaking with some of the Fellows, including Thomas, Tom, Mercy, and Ed, along with Stuart, the program director, I’m even more convinced that the DVF Program is a fantastic opportunity for someone with a great idea and the entrepreneurial spirit to pull it off.

Applications for next year’s Fellows are due on March 15. Hmm…

Later in the evening, Randy and I went to the Cupertino Library, where I got my first library card since I was in high school. I’m glad that I’m starting to take advantage of the vast resources available to me. If you haven’t gotten your library card, what’s holding you back? Randy and I ran into Robert, an ex-DoDotter, there. I’ve been meeting a lot of people from my past in some of the most random places. Miles at Keplers yesterday night, Robert at the Library, and Yannick at the Bombay Oven today! We truly live in a small world. The great thing is that it’s only going to get smaller and more connected.

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