Dardy and Alan's Housewarming Party

Saturday night, I went to see Cirque du Soleil for the first time. I had an opportunity to see the Quidam tour my senior year in college, but I didn’t go for some reason or another (even though I was the one who bought the tickets!). I’ve been missing out apparently, as the Varikai show was pretty amazing. I wonder what it’s like to live in the circus today. Is it a close-knit group or do performers come and go often?

Following the Cirque in San Jose, Rae and I dropped by Dardy and Alan’s new place in Mountain View. The party had been going on for quite some time, but there were still a number of people remaining when we strolled in the door around 11:00 pm. People of note included Eric, Mike, Paul, Carol, Van (whom I met for the first time), Peter, Jay and Margaret, Alan and Ting, Dishi, Mallory (whom I haven’t seen in ages!), Jack, Greg, and Jimmy.

Dardy was awake enough to talk to us when we arrived, but he soon departed for the blissful voyage of sleep. I think of number of people ended up taking pictures of themselves with Dardy asleep. Dardy had better be careful, or he’ll end up in the circus one day as the sleeping sideshow!

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