Vienna in Palo Alto

Vienna Teng performed at Borders Books & Cafe in Downtown Palo Alto this afternoon to a packed house of family, friends, and fans. There must have been 150-200 people lining the second floor of the bookstore. Also on hand was a crew from CNN, who were filming Vienna throughout the weekend. Yesterday, they visited her San Francisco apartment and toured the Stanford University Center for Computer Research (CCRMA), where she recorded much of the music for Waking Hour.

Sitting on the ground in the front row were a number of young children, all of them with big bright eyes as they listened eagerly to during the two-hour long performance. Vienna might not know it, but she’s becoming a role model for young girls in the Bay Area and beyond. In an era of overmarketed, underwhelming pop stars like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera, Vienna is a breath of fresh air.

Starting at the end of February through May, Vienna is going to be touring America. From February to March, she’ll be in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. From March to April, she’ll be on her East Coast tour, covering Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Washington D.C., North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennesse. In May, she’ll return to the West Coast but go north to Oregon and Washington. She’ll also travel to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana during May. If you live in any of those areas, get ready cause Vienna Teng’s coming to town! You can find more information on Vienna’s tour schedule on her web site or on my Vienna Teng calendar.

In the early 80’s, there was a great TV Mini-Series called V, depicting the struggle of a band of freedom fighters against evil space aliens who were pretending to be our friends. The symbol of their resistance was a red V, which took its inspiration from V for Victory symbols popular during WWI and WWII. Just as we should wage peace instead of war, perhaps V should stand for Vienna rather than Victory. V for Vienna!

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