We had a great meeting tonight at the March Camera Owners of the Bay Area user group meeting. Jim Rose was on hand at the beginning of the meeting to demonstrate the new Canon EOS-10D. Canon has learned from the production problems that plagued the D60. The 10D will be shipping in mass quantity — no more order the camera and wait 3 months to get it!

The AF system certainly seemed better than on the D30 and D60. I think the 10D would be a good complement for a photographer with a 1D or a 1Ds. If I was a D30 or D60 owner, however, I’m not so sure that I would upgrade. You have to ask yourself, am I getting the most out of my current camera? If the answer is no, then you probably should try to keep up with the Jones’.

Uwe Steinmueller gave a presentation on Adobe’s new Camera RAW plug-in. I purchased it last week and have been pleased with the product. I normally don’t shoot in RAW due to the crappy Canon conversion software, but the ease of use of Adobe’s product might change that.

In Uwe’s experience the Camera RAW does a great job of adjusting the white balance of an image (with the temperature and tint controls). For the best RAW workflow experience, however, Uwe uses PhaseOne’s Capture One software.

Following Uwe’s presentation, Eric came to talk about underwater photography. Last year, Eric spoke at the third COBA meeting about UW Photography, but he’s learned much since then. Instead of talking about what Eric presented, I will just tell you look at his web site:

Following the meeting, I went to Stanford to check my mail and see Flo, who was working at Meyer Library on a film project. Then, it was back to the house in Cupertino to continue working on the revolution!

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