Vienna Teng at The Point

The Vienna Teng East Coast tour moved from New York to Pennsylvania today. In the morning, we went to XPN 88.5, where she was interviewed by Helen Leicht on the Leicht Lunch at noontime. Vienna performed The Tower and Gravity for the lunchtime audience. After that, we drove to Bryn Mawr, where we checked out the evening’s performance location at The Point. Jason, Jesse, Richard, Leigh and the rest of the staff at The Point were extremely helpful getting us set up. Thanks guys and gals!

Vienna’s performance was amazing tonight. She played through the entire Waking Hour album in her 90 minute set, something she said she hasn’t done in a long time. She also played the fan favorite, Boy With A Piano, much to the delight of the audience.

Now to whet your appetite of Vienna photos. Next stop, Providence, Rhode Island, with a stop at at Stamford, CT, to meet up with Mr. Missing Manual, David Pogue.

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