Vienna Teng at AS220

The Vienna Teng East Coast tour traveled from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island today. Growing up as a Californian, I always thought that driving out of state meant at least a 5 hour drive. But here on the East Coast, you can go from one state to another in fifteen minutes! Today’s drive from PA to RI took us through three other states, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut on the I-95!

On our way to Providence, Rhode Island, Vienna and I stopped by David Pogue’s house in CT. Readers of the New York Times will know him from his weekly technology column. Macintosh owners would know him from the popular Missing Manual series. Finally, Palm users will know him as the author of the Palm Pilot: The Ultimate Guide book. At this house, I demonstrated to David Soybo, my new product that revolutionizes web services and remote access. While on tour with Vienna, I’m using Soybo to access information stored on my home computer, such as email and files. It doesn’t quite replace the need for a laptop just yet, but it sure comes in handy when all I have is a Palm handheld and a mobile phone.

Running out of gas is never a fun experience. I was driving with Chris one day in high school around the Julian area near San Diego. We were running low on gas, but we felt like we could make it over one final hill to reach a gas station. We were wrong. We ran out of gas on a hill during a turn. It was not a pleasant experience, let me tell you! Vienna and I are driving a Ford Windstar, which comes equipped with a 26-gallon gas tank. This evening, as we were approaching Providence, the low fuel indicator lighted up. We took our chances and drove for the next 15-20 minutes with that light staring its orange eyes right at us. Fortunately, the gas gods were smiling on us, as we were able to reach a Hess Gas Station ($1.69/gallon) in time.

Five bands were on tap this evening, with Vienna starting the night off. After soundcheck, we went to the Trinity Bar and Grill and had our fill of Rhode Island French (no, Freedom!) Fries, a Carnivore Pizza, and a chicken pot pie. I witnessed the emergence of the Viennasaur, a deadly creature who makes her appearance only in times of ravenous hunger. It was quite the site to see.

There are a few more photos in the photo gallery. Click on the link below to see them! By the way, fullsize images are forthcoming, once I have access to a fast Internet connection. Though a GPRS phone is great for connection to the Net, it’s very slow, slower it appears than a 56Kbps modem!

It’s back to Pennsylvania tomorrow for Vienna’s next performance at Mercersburg Academy.

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