Vienna Teng in Snowy Philly

Monday morning gave us a surprise… snow! Yes, it was snowing in Philly the month of April, something which apparently does not happen all that often. It sure looked to me like it was snowing a lot, but the people in the hotel laughed at us while saying, “That’s not a snowstorm, silly!” Hey, it’s all good, we’re from California!

Vienna had a radio gig at WXPN, where we were a few days prior. I sat in one of the control rooms, checking up on my email via Soybo and speaking with one of the Digital Vision Fellows at Stanford about the Fellowship program. For lunch, Vienna and I had our first Philly Cheese Steaks at Billy Bob’s. We also went to our first Wawa’s to load up on supplies!

After Philly, we drove to Washington D.C. where we are staying with Vienna’s friend Lorien from college. It’s finally good to be able to stay in one place for two days straight. I’ll be meeting up with my cousin, Michael tomorrow in the morning and afternoon, and will meet up with Vienna and the gang in D.C. in the evening.

Now for some photos from a wet, snowy and rainy day today.

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