Vienna Teng in Arlington, Virginia

It’s easy to lose track of the days of the week and the time when you’re touring. I’m writing this entry on April 11, days after the events of April 8 when we arrived in Arlington, Virginia, to stay with Lorien and Jen. We were also joined by Jim, who arrived in the morning from the Bay Area. He’ll be touring with us for the rest of the trip, meaning there will be some rearranging of equipment and space in our Ford Windstar.

For most of the day, I hung out with my cousin, Michael and his fiancee, Khasmir. We toured the Washington area, taking pictures around the FDR Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, and at the University of Maryland, where they will be getting married later this year.

In the evening, we all went to Club Iota, where Vienna performed to a packed crowd. I think the crowd that evening was as large or larger than the one at The Point in Pennsylvania. Certainly there was a rabid Vienna following in the area around the Nation’s Capitol. I ran into a number of former French House denizens, including Jenny Mandel and Stephanie Cheng.

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