Vienna Teng at the Six String Cafe

The East Coast Tour of Vienna Teng continued in North Carolina yesterday with her performance at the Six String Cafe in Cary, NC. In the morning, we had breakfast at a roadside diner before dropping Jim off at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car store. He’s off to Virginia to meet up with his sister. Vienna and I did a bit of work in the car while parked outside of a bank in Raleigh before she had to meet up with the managerial team at Deep South Entertainment.

While getting stuff out of the car, I accidently left the keys lying on the driver’s seat. Whoops, bad move there! Fortunately, the wheels of AAA reach all across the country, and I was able to get the car opened thanks to Mark and the wonders of the Slim Jim.

The areas that we’ve been traveling in North Carolina don’t seem to have GPRS coverage, so I have been unable to connect to the Web. Thus, when presented with the opportunity to plug into the network, Vienna and I have rushed in to get our Internet fix.

I haven’t mentioned until now, but here goes: Palm handhelds blow. I’ve never liked the fact that if a Palm runs out of batteries, all of your data and applications go with it. A few days ago while staying in Arlington at Lorien’s, my stupid Tungsten-T ran out of batteries and wiped away everything. Now, you might say, “Adam, don’t you have a backup?” Yes, I did have a backup, which was residing on the computer at home in the Bay Area. The fact is, though, the Palm shouldn’t have to rely on batteries to retain its memory. More and more companies are beginning to realize that the Newton was right, store the data and applications in ROM and/or Flash Memory and run the apps in normal RAM. Yes, the Palm has an SD Card slot, but that’s a hacked together expansion architecture. My Newton lay dormant without batteries for years, and when I supplied it with power, it turned on as if nothing has happened. Stupid, Palm!

Okay, end of rant. In the evening, we drove over to the Six String Cafe with Andy, one of the founders of Deep South. Alysson Light played a great opening act. She even got in a cover of one of my favorite Heather Nova songs, Truth and Bone. Woo hoo! Vienna was her usual terrific self, and she covered 1,000 Oceans by Tori Amos, no doubt in preparation for the Tori Amos Tribute Concert she and Alysson will be attending this coming Saturday.

I met up Jay Thrash, a fellow Newton user, Vienna Teng fan, and follower. Like I mentioned in my previous entry, it’s always good to run into people that are familiar with my work.

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