Vienna Teng at Duke University

It’s wet and rainy in North Carolina, the site of Vienna’s performance at Duke University at the Armadillo Grill in the Brian Student Center (similar to Princeton’s Frist Center or Stanford’s Tresidder Union) last night. We thought that the chapel looked a lot like Isengard from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, though students like to refer to it as Astro, the family dog from the Jetsons.

Though Vienna’s music is universal, it seems like there are more Asians who are listening to her than other races. This was very evident at the ‘Dillo, where it seemed like the entire Asian population of Duke was present for her performance! It was especially funny (or sad) to see her start playing and have all the non-Asian people start to walk out of the place. Hey, we’re all-inclusive, no need to leave? I guess some of those people felt uncomfortable being the minority. Hehe, welcome to everyone else’s world!

Thanks to Christina for organizing the show on such short notice, and for the Asian Student Organization for coming out to see it.

During this trip, not that many people have recognized me from my web site. That seems to be changing as we make our way down South. There was Henry at Club Iota the previous evening in Arlington, VA and another last night. Ailian first heard of while doing research on digital cameras. From there, she came to know about Vienna’s music. It’s always neat to meet people who follow my adventures in cyberspace. I appreciate the kind comments and greetings!

Now that our traveling group has become three with the arrival of Jim, we noticed over dinner at the Western Sizzlin that all of us have web sites! Out here in the East, that’s a much rarer occurrence, we’ve been noticing! We did have a great conversation with Andre, a former ballet dancer for the Paris Opera! I love to meet new people and to hear their stories, and this tour has been a great in allowing me to do that. There are so many stories yet to be told by those who don’t have voices or faces. The Internet is a great enabler for that, but how do you get the Net to these people?

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