Tori Amos Tribute Concert

The morning was spent sleeping. Sleeping is good when you’re traveling non-stop from city to city, day by day. The Viennasaur hibernated until well past noon, waking up from her sweet slumber around 1:00 pm. We hung out at Connie’s place for a couple of hours, which we spent looking over some of her prints from Paris and surfing the Internet for mapping directions. Traveling is so much more convenient these days with Yahoo! Maps and MapQuest, ain’t it?

Our first stop from Charlotte was to pick up Jim from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car near the Raleigh airport. Next, we headed back to the Lights house in Carrboro before driving to the Temple Ball Gallery where the Tori Amos Tribute Show was to be held later in the evening.

After checking in at the Temple Ball, we headed over to Mama Dip’s Traditional Country Restaurant for dinner. We had some more yummy hush puppies along with North Carolina BBQ, fried chicken, and ribs. They were pretty good, I must admit, though I think that I prefer Texas BBQ better.

The Tori Amos Tribute Show is a fan-sponsored benefit founded by Lisa Ray, a pianist/singer/songwriter from Durham, NC. All proceeds from the show went to RAINN, the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network. Performers at this year’s show included:

Lisa’s husband, Ken, was the MC for the evening. He kept reminding us that South Carolina was well represented in the performers and the crowd. Perhaps there’s a rivalry between North and South Carolina? “Shut the fuck up!”

Vienna was telling me that she’s been getting good comments from the photos that have been posted following each evening’s performance. I’ve also had a few people come up to me to say that they have liked my photographs. To everyone, thanks! It’s hard work and I’m glad that you enjoy the photo show. Some days, I feel like I’m locked in the photography zone. Tonight was one of those nights.

Tis very late right now as I write this (3:41 am). Check out the photos!

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