Vienna at Temple Ball Gallery

In the evening, after our wisterious hiking adventure, we returned to the Temple Ball Gallery to hear Lisa Ray, Denise Barbarita, and Vienna Teng perform. The crowd was much smaller than the one at the Tori Tribute the previous evening, which allowed us a little more freedom to experiment and have fun. Vienna had Jim come up to play drums on The Tower, Gravity, 1,000 Oceans (Tori cover), and Undone. I even got into the act, detailing the story of Vienna’s inclusion as prime booty music from SI Online.

Here are a sampling of pictures from the evening’s performance. It’s too bad that I didn’t bring the video camera and plugged into the board, as it would have been great to have recorded Jim and Vienna jamming together. I especially liked tonight’s versions of Green Island Serenade, Homecoming, Signalfire, and In My Arrival. I’m still waiting to hear Mission Street. We’ve got a couple more dates on tap for the tour, so I’m confident that she’ll squeeze that in. If Vienna’s feeling especially adventurous, she might even want to tackle Passage.

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