Vienna was on WNCW Radio this morning. We were listening to the station during our drive, and they mentioned how Vienna was going to come on at 1:00 pm! I used to think that there was so much prep time needed for a radio or television show, but we arrived about 20-25 minutes before the show, which only lasted a few minutes.

Minutes later, we were out on a grass field overlooking the radio station, tossing the frisbee around. Since Vienna didn’t have any shows for the next day and a half, we took our time getting to our next location, Asheville, North Carolina, where we would stay the night. Tomorrow will be the first true day off for the tour. Vienna’s been playing non-stop since the end of March!

The funniest story of the day happened while we were walking around Asheville in the evening. Vienna and Jim were looking in a cafe, while I was walking outside on the street. Suddenly, I heard the familiar refrains of The Tower. “I needs not to need, I’ve always been the tower…” I looked around and I saw a green SUV moving down the street. I ran to Vienna and Jim, telling them to listen! Then, I jetted down the street to catch up with the car and stopped him. Jamie was at the show at The Evening Muse in Charlotte the other day. He lives in Asheville and had to drive 2.5 hours to get to the Charlotte show! He no doubt found it cool to meet Vienna in person for the second time. How cool was that?

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